EU-TOPIA Workshops

During 2024 -2026, we will organise two interactive workshops on key elements of cancer screening (monitoring and evaluation) and on road map development and implementation. We will introduce the health policy cycle and demonstrate the tools we have developed for each step in the health policy cycle. We will discuss a minimal set of parameters and quality indicators that are crucial to monitor a screening programme and to evaluate the long-term outcomes of screening. We will present the definitions of the indicators, provide examples of how to obtain data and discuss solutions in case indicators cannot be identified in a specific country. Furthermore, examples of the impact of changes of the programme on long-term results will be shown.

The combination of barrier analysis, stakeholder analysis and modelling results will be used to develop the road map. Practical sessions will enable participants to develop a road map for feasible improvements of the cancer screening programmes after the workshop. In all sessions there will be time to exchange experiences between participants.

We will invite delegates (researchers, programme coordinators and policy makers), especially from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean countries to participate in the workshops. Participation in the workshops is free of charge and there is a budget to fund travel and accommodation costs for two individuals from each country.

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The project was launched in May 2021 and will continue to April 2026.

This project has received funding from the European Unionʼs Horizon2020 Programme under grant agreement no 965014