WP3 – Road maps to improve cancer screening

The Road maps in EU-TOPIA-EAST are defined as strategic plans to improve cancer screening programs, including detailed action plans to support implementation. Country-specific Road maps are defined at the beginning of the project for the exemplary countries (Georgia, Romania and Montenegro). These are followed and monitored during the implementation phase in these countries and road maps are updated and refined throughout the project if necessary.


The development of Road maps is a step-by-step process and standardized templates are provided for each step:

  1. The first step is the comprehensive description of the screening activities (Road map template 1)
  2. The second step is the identification of key barriers with the Barrier Assessment Tool (Road map template 2)
  3. The third step is the comprehensive assessment of the identified key barriers (Road map template 3)
  4. The fourth and final step is the outline of action plans with the Action Plan Tool (Road map template 4)


These templates are available from the Downloads menu point on this website. They are also available for other countries interested in improving organized cancer screening programs.



The project was launched in May 2021 and will continue to April 2026.

This project has received funding from the European Unionʼs Horizon2020 Programme under grant agreement no 965014