WP3 – Road maps to improve cancer screening

Road maps that have been initiated already for the exemplary countries will be extended, updated and refined. These will include a description of the current situation with regard to harms and benefits, identified targets of improvement, country- or region-specific barriers to changing screening programmes, key stakeholders who can help overcoming the barriers, a proposal of feasible adjustments to screening per country, and the expected gain in health outcomes and cost-effectiveness of the changes. The plan to achieve the feasible adjustments will be detailed in an action plan. The road maps and the action plans will be followed in the implementation phase in Georgia, Romania and Montenegro. Furthermore the tool needed to construct the road maps will be updated and adjusted according to the needs of MICs countries. In the workshops these tools will be demonstrated and explained to the other participating countries.


The project was launched in May 2021 and will continue to April 2026.

This project has received funding from the European Unionʼs Horizon2020 Programme under grant agreement no 965014